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About Game

Dinosaurgame.io is an interesting and fun fast-paced, endless-running, and arcade video game, powered by Cocos Creator. The game brings you to an endless desert, a cute dinosaur and dangerous cacti. In this game, you control the dinosaur (you will run automatically), your mission is to run as far as possible and get the 1st rank on the leaderboard.

At the beginning, you can enter your nickname. You will then press the up arrow key to start the game. Your dinosaur will run automatically and you can just use the up arrow key to help it jump up. The cacti are obstacles for you in this exciting game. You have to watch the screen carefully and avoid them. If you touch a cactus, you lose immediately.

How to Play Dinosaurgame.io

Now, enter Dinosaurgame.io Unblocked, control your cute dinosaur, avoid these cacti along the way and run as far as you can!

Dinosaurgame.io Unblocked


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