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Rooftop Snipers is a very simple 2D shooting cool math game with pixelized graphics and fun gameplay. In Rooftop Snipers, you take the role of a sniper and your objective is to compete against opponent snipers in a rooftop gunfight. The game offers both single player and two player modes, so you can even challenge your friend. The controls are easy to understand but the game is very hard to master. You only have to use 2 buttons in the entire game. Press your W key to jump and E key to shoot as player 1. Press your 1 key to jump and 0 key to shoot as player 2.

How to Play rooftop snipers

Hold the shooting key for a while to start aiming, then release it to shoot from your weapon. Hit your opponent as many times as you can to push him off the roof. Once a sniper is pushed off the rooftop, it’s a point for the opposing sniper. You have to survive for a longer time than you enemy, if you want to win. Each gunfight consists of a defined number of rounds that can be changed in the settings. The first gunner who wins the desired number of rounds wins the match. Each of the matches of Rooftop Snipers has different physics conditions and weapons, which makes this game even more interesting to play

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rooftop snipers

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